15 Useless Yet Really Ingenious Pieces of Advice

For people who really like to get something for free, here are some pieces of advice. Except it’s better not to follow all of these recommendations, especially if you found them on the Web.

Today the Bright Side team collected for you another set of "harmful" tips from Internet users who don’t mind making fun of others.

No corkscrew? Not a problem. Freeze the wine, and the cork will come out itself.

To always keep cake fresh, eat it in one sitting.

Onions won’t make you cry if you wrap your face with food film.

Poured too much water into rice? A smartphone will absorb the excess.

If your car makes strange sounds, raise the volume on the radio until you stop hearing them.

A hack for hot summer days: drill holes in the car’s radiator so that the engine doesn’t overheat.

Maximum sun protection and absolutely free hands. Isn’t it brilliant?

To save space, hang radiators outside. When it’s warm outdoors, it’s warm at home too.

Your lawn will remain green longer if you vacuum it at least once a week.

And here’s a device for those who are sensitive about their personal space.

You have no time for ironing? Gain weight, and the folds on your clothes will disappear (to appear somewhere else).

You don’t need to paint all your nails if others can’t see them.

Now you know what the hood is really for. Use it properly.

To reduce the harmful radiation from your gadget, keep it in an aluminum container.

This is how you can improve the quality of communication. And it works!

Preview photo credit Hromtastic/twitter.com
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