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15 Ways Our Lives Have Changed Over the Last 50 Years

“Back in the day...” we have all heard our grannies and grandpas begin their sentences with these words. And why should they not, the world has changed more drastically in the past 50 years than it changed in the 100 years before that. While some things have changed for the good, other changes have not been so pleasant.

Let’s dive into the annals of history with Bright Side to see how different our world is from that of our grandparents.

1. Eye makeup: Then vs. Now. Fashion is always changing, who knows what’s waiting for us in the next few years.

2. Climate change and global warming are real. Here’s all the proof you need.

3. Bra fashion has undergone a change that’s wider and more eye-popping than the Grand Canyon.

4. Buying no longer means queuing up at the cash counter or having to carry heavy bags back home. Groceries are now just a click away baby!

5. Ask anyone who has owned a sizable book collection, and they’ll tell you how heavy a book collection can get. A Kindle today weighs less than 6 oz.

6. Looking for information in the good old days meant flipping through pages of an encyclopedia. Now all the world’s information is just a click away.

7. Big, teased hair...No more! Getting ready for work has become a lot easier. But we still spend the same amount of time as our grandmothers did. Some things never change.

8. Making our own clothes has gone out of style. Shopping for new clothes is the way to go now!

9. Phone booths... what are those?

10. Games of yesteryear vs games of today

11. Good change: Nowadays, fathers spend more time with their children so moms have more time to themselves.

12. Computers were the size of big rooms and they generated so much heat that you could fry an egg on them. We now have laptops on our laps. Thank goodness things have changed.

13. The telegram is still used for sending short messages, but it’s not the same anymore — however, it may be more secure.

14. Hailing a taxi has gotten a lot easier, and it’s much safer too. And there’s no more haggling with the taxi driver.

15. Before Coachella, there was Woodstock.

Do you have any vintage family photos that give a glimpse back into a bygone era? Please share them with us in the comments below. Also, tell us what other things you think have changed in the last 50 years that have had a big impact on your life.

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