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15+ Witty Signs That’ll Grab Attention of Any Unsuspecting Person

It really is a miracle when something manages to attract our attention for more than a second. But we bet you that if someone sees “Keanu Reeves” written on a traffic sign, they won`t be able to ignore it. Well, that`s one way to attract someone`s attention and make sure they get the message. And there are many other people who know exactly how to make any sign stand out from all the others.

Bright Side has found some pretty unusual signs, and we`re sure their message didn`t miss anyone who passed by!

1. “I ain’t scared of no ghost.”

2. “Great sign for a vacuum shop.”

3. “This sign outside a local pub”

4. “This is an actual road sign in my town because too many people have gotten lost on someone’s driveway.”

5. “This garden center is getting deep with its signs.”

6. “Thank you, UDOT.”

7. “This ice cream shop sign near my house”

8. “At the local park”

9. Good to know...

10. “Hand washing sign in bathroom I saw”

11. “My local movie theater thinks they’re hilarious.”

12. “At my local coffee shop”

13. “Saw this outside my local Domino’s.”

14. “The sign in my hotel”

15. “This cautionary sign”

16. Straight and to the point

17. “Well played, Chicago DOT.”

Which sign would you definitely notice in all the chaos of life? Have you ever seen similar signs? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Vbomb1337 / reddit