15 Witty Tweets That Prove Celebs Know How to Tease

Most celebrities do not neglect social media and use it to make a statement and express their point of view, usually in a witty manner.

So did the team that was engaged in the PR campaign for the fantastic comedy Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds's Twitter became the primary advertising platform for the film. The ingenious jokes of the actor, who played the main role, attracted the attention of millions of internet users. As a result, in the USA, Deadpool raised $135 million within 3 days of the premiere, which made it the best opening weekend at the box office in the history of superhero movies.

That's why we at Bright Side decided to share with you the most hilarious celeb jokes on Twitter. We have to warn you: don't read them at your workplace as you'll burst into laughter!

Which tweets did you enjoy the most? Please share with us in the comments section!

Preview photo credit pschwarzenegger / twitter
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