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15+ Young Ladies Who Have a Lot of Questions for the Universe

Girls are amazing creatures. They have a knack for getting involved in funny situations and creating problems out of the blue. But at the same time, they have enough elegance, humor, and foresight to navigate their way out of any confusion, leaving everyone around stunned.

Bright Side would like to share this selection of photos with you that will make you understand how deep (and hilarious) girls’ problems can be.

“Do you ever just feel like a rotisserie chicken?”

“I ordered these glasses online. It seems they were produced in Hobbiton.”

That feeling when you’re brought back down to Earth:

When you’re 41 weeks pregnant, simple actions can be pretty difficult.

More evidence that beauty is pain:

Forest fires are not a good reason to skip your visit to supermarket.

Haircut I showed the hairdresser vs What she cut

“This is what happens when my mother sees recipes on Facebook...”

“You 2 sit down and eat your greens! I’ve worked hard on this dinner and you’ll darn well finish it!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that size option on the menu at the movie theater.

There are days when ladies need superpowers to get up and go to work!

I wanted to take shower but it seems this snake has other plans.

Girls will do anything to find the right light for their selfies.

And if a girl wants to be beautiful, nothing can stop her.

“This girl and her mom... filled up, got right back on the highway. Dug a groove the whole way.”

A photo session soon became the scene from a horror movie.

Which problems or funny situations have you experienced yourself? Share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Madi Ford / twitter
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