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16 Breathtaking Photos That Show the Power of Nature

Nature inspires us with its beauty, but it also hides a lot of secrets. Flowers or animals that look sweet at first glance can be really deadly, while picturesque natural events can bring irreparable harm. After experiencing this it becomes clear why humanity hides behind the walls of crowded cities.

We at Bright Side put together some photos from different corners of the world which show how truly amazing our planet is.

Huge Attacus Atlas moth

“This tree on my farm in California”

An eagle ray

This blue fungus growing on a dead branch

The phenomenon of “crown shyness”

This is a hammer-headed bat.

Gigantic leaves of a water lily

Snapdragon seed pods look like skulls.

A sawfish

Cute Ouroboros baby dragon

The eye of winter

An American crocodile

Beautiful on top, but deadly beneath

Black Hellebore

Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon

Galapagos marine iguanas

We got really scared of the hammer-headed bat and the sawfish. Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Smtmidi / pikabu
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