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16 Brilliant Things Humans Should Have Created Much Earlier

Engineering technology is constantly developing, providing us with the most comfortable and helpful inventions. Every day, dozens of incredibly advanced inventions appear in the world. And believe us when we say that some of them deserve our closest attention.

Bright Side has collected 16 cool inventions that should have become popular a long time ago.

16. You can practice CPR while waiting for your flight at this Cleveland airport.

15. There is a free sunscreen dispenser in the lavatory of this zoo.

14. Before a final examination, this school installed a cry closet in the library. Any student can stay there alone for 10 minutes to get some rest.

13. A bracelet you can plant in the soil and eventually get a flower

12. This souvenir shop in St. Petersburg has currency conversion tables on the bottom of their shopping baskets.

11. A vending machine full of medicine and hygiene products has been installed in an ordinary school.

10. This park has a swing for wheelchair users.

9. "My diploma came with a wallet-sized version."

8. "Stayed at a hotel that has a thermometer in the shower."

7. A coke machine that accepts hugs as payment

6. 2 in 1: chopsticks and a fork

5. This vending machine organizes its selections according to health recommendations.

4. This public toilet scheme has a live display of occupied (red color) and vacant (green color) stalls outside.

3. A board that displays the level of UV rays

2. In Norway, the packed meat has an indicator that tells you how many days are left until it's no longer safe to eat.

1. France created a special fitness vessel that is powered by human energy.

Which of the inventions mentioned above should become an integral part of our lives as soon as possible? Please share your opinion in the comments!

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