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16 Crazy Ideas That Are a Crime Against Fashion

In the past there were designers bringing new, shocking ideas to the world. For example in 1907 it was the one-piece bathing suit, in the 1960s it was smoking for women, and in the 1990s it was a slip dress worn outside of the bedroom. These things were really scandalous back then, but in 2018, it seems pretty hard to surprise us. Or maybe not?

There are thousands of clothing designers graduating every year. Some of them gain popularity and start their own brands, but some of them remain in the shadows and possibly create clothes only for themselves. We wonder what it's all about? Is it all because of money, connections, or talent? Or maybe some designers are genius? But aren't the majority of ingenious people misunderstood?

Bright Side found some interesting fashion ideas for you. Look at these clothes and decide which of them are a crime against fashion, and which ideas are cool.

1. Halo brows

Some trends seem to come about because people just have too much free time. What is she trying to say with these eyebrows? Is there anything saintly about them?

2. Designed from scraps

When all your jeans have defects and you don't have enough money for new clothes!

3. A Yeti's wife costume

We've always wondered what hairdressers do with our hair from the floor after the haircut is over. We thought that maybe some of the cut hair was used for wigs, but here's the answer - they make clothes from it!

4. Bow brows

This can be an example of how not to do your make up, especially if you're going on a date. These brows will only shock your partner and you won't have a good time.

5. Endless transformers

We think that maybe the designer of these pants was creating them for some compulsive traveler who travels around the world and the climate changes too fast: today they're in the north, tomorrow the south, and they need something that converts from heavy to light in a very short timeframe. Here you have like 5 options, you can transform your pants to accommodate every possible temperature outside.

6. Shoe leggings

The weirdest thing ever! What if you need to take off your shoes, what do you do?

7. Garbage bag jacket

Maybe it's a cool jacket, but we can't stop seeing a garbage bag! Hope that the designers of this jacket will forgive us!

8. Glamour Crocs

Maybe somebody will like these platform Barbie Crocs!

9. lllusion of jeans

Can we really call them "jeans"? Maybe for the stage, but not for everyday life.

10. Shining armpits

Usually we try not to draw too much attention to our armpits, but with these sparkles it won't be easy!

11. Puzzle dress

It may be new and innovative, but we think it looks really uncomfortable!

12. "Calamari hat"

Cool costume for a masquerade party, human-squid!

13. Jeans to shorts

Of course it's cool when one thing can easily transform into another. It might save you time, but sometimes it's better to not touch the classics.

14. Fish slippers

These slippers could probably be cool for the beach, to use while walking in the water, or to walk in rocky areas.

15. Greenhouse shorts

The trend of transparent clothing probably started with Kim Kardashian and it's only getting more and more popular. It seems that very soon we'll be all naked with transparent dresses on and everybody will think it's normal.

16. Fluffy top

If you have a lot of toys from your childhood and you don't know where to put them, but you're not ready to throw them away - make clothes with them!

17. Bag look

Maybe it's a good way to save money on clothes, but it's a bag and it looks strange.

So, what do you think? Would you like to buy something from this list? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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