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16 Creative People That Gave Old Things a New Life

Scientists predict that in the middle of the 21st century, there will be 3.5 billion tons of trash which is 70% more than there is now. This is why there are many people who are trying to live according to a zero-waste principle. It is amazing, but some of them manage to produce an amount of waste per year that you can fit into a coffee cup. These people manage to find a new use for old things that most people would just throw away.

We at Bright Side are still amazed by this zero-waste philosophy. But sometimes, helping the planet can lead to very interesting results.

16. “I make cloth pads using old clothes. They are way more effective than most girls think. Plus, they can be washed.”

15. “I’m moving in a few months, so I’m packing a number of things in advance, to save myself work. Instead of buying packing material, I’ve instead been using receipts, old notebook paper, and ads from the mail as packing material.”

14. “I repurposed this lamp as a planter and (bonus!) my cat can’t reach it.”

13. Someone turned a broken umbrella into a reusable bag.

12. “I cut up an office chair box and glued the strips together, for my cats to use as a scratching board. When it gets too scratched up, I can just turn it over, or shave a bit off the top to expose a fresh surface.”

11. “I had a piece of leather I didn’t need and decided to use it. This is a coin keeper.”

10. “My grandpa works for a uniform company and finds a ton of paperclips in people’s pockets. Too many to ever use, but he hoards them anyway. So I decided to make barbie hangers for my little cousin.”

9. “I make masks and other things from old plastic toys.”

8. “I found myself buying makeup removing wipes every few weeks... But no more. With fabric remnants, an old hand towel, and a few hours of my time, I’m saving money and the planet!”

7. “My brush organizer was ruined when nail polish exploded in my bag, so I made a new one using some of my grandma’s old curtains! Happy with the end result.”

6. “Stack of leather cuff bracelets I made by cutting up and adding some pizazz to some old, beat-up, distressed leather belts.”

5. Made with medicine caps

4. “Don’t throw out the ends of your spring onions. Plant them and they start over.”

3. “Just the shoes I use for planting in my garden”

2. “I never throw away the waste from the coffee machine. I put it in a box, mix it with oils (olive and coconut), and I make a scrub.”

1. “This hat that I love, I made from an old sweater I loved.”

Bonus: “I just found out that numerous people sell crochet tampons”

Do you have your own examples of giving a second life to old things?

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