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16 Creative People Who Were Born to Be Problem-Solvers

There is an ingenious inventor hiding in everyone and sometimes this talent comes out in the most eccentric way. This is usually when the craziest ideas turn into reality and you’ll probably want to adopt some of them.

We at Bright Side are huge supporters of self-expression in any form and that’s why we want to offer you a chance to look at the inventions of several really witty people.

1. Something all parents should take a note of:

2. A ladder for a cat

3. The new generation’s anti-freeze trick

4. Dad’s lifehack

5. A tight fitting boot enhances the natural curvature of the pipe.

6. When your curling iron is broken:

7. Another great lifehack:

8. The solution to an eternal problem has been found.

9. Anti-theft system

10. Christmas lifehack: Place your boyfriend on the edge of the frame so that you can easily remove him from the photo, if needed.

11. Do you also know Mike?

12. When the presence of savvy and the absence of fear come together:

13. A vase filled with rice is the perfect alternative for a knife holder.

14. Another function of binder clips

15. It can work for headphones too.

16. A test for those leaving the bar

Bonus: How to take a glamourous Instagram photo

Which of these lifehacks are you going to use after reading this article? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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