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16 DI-Why Projects That Ended With a Hilarious Twist

There's evidence out there that DIY projects are not for everyone, and some people really can't or shouldn't operate a glue gun. We have collected some of these examples, just check out the Insect Nail Art.

Bright Side is all for good DIY projects! But sometimes we stumble upon a project, that simply makes us want to ask "why?". Here are 16 overly creative DIYs that should probably never been repeated.

That's not what a bra should be stuffed with.

We get it, you wanted to save old jeans, but isn't there another way?

What a "pretty" homage to Jurassic Park.

Kid's palm prints have come a long way.

Home renovations?

You can crochet all right.

Some read the books, some... use them.

This rug will never get itself wet.

Creepy little hair clip!

Why for sale? Seems like a legit piece of equipment.

What is it with using dolls in the most inappropriate ways?

Chandeliers are overrated anyways.

Game of Doors.

Stupid or genius? Can't decide...

Well, dumbbell does have the word "dumb" in it.

Stylish, huh?

Which one did you like the most? Be sure to share with us - we love to hear your opinion.

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