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16 Examples of Crazy Service That Raise Only One Question, “Seriously?”

Everybody makes mistakes. But when people from the service industry start doing weird things like putting ketchup into a shaker or shredding pizza mercilessly, we have only one question for them, “Are you serious?”

At Bright Side, we hope that these things don’t happen to you too often. But if they do, share your photos in the comment section below. Maybe, we’ll use them in our next article.

A croissant on an upside down plate and coffee in a ramekin. A fresh look at the word “luxury.”

Why would they need to cut it this way?

They’re not dirty, they were designed this way.

Is it to go, or...?

“I paid $16 for this Caesar ‘salad’ at a concept restaurant last night.”

It seems logical but...

“I ordered a salad and this is what they gave me.”

You can’t hide the truth.

Was that the right place for sauce?

This delivery is definitely a fail.

“This parking garage in Vancouver, that first has several giant columns in the middle of the car park lane, and then tells you to go to the right, even though there’s no room.”

Why is there so much packaging for a battery?

We hope that the filling inside the buns isn’t packaged.

An example of the most advanced engineering

Your knees should feel “comfortable”.

Ketchup in a shaker? This is something new.

Which of these photos seemed the weirdest to you?

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