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16 Facepalm Photos of People Who Took Everything Too Literally

It’s cool when people around you understand what you are talking about. But sometimes they can take your words too literally and turn them into something absurd. They put a price tag saying “Expensive salad” on a salad, make a clock with clock faces instead of numbers, or attach a car steering wheel to a bike.

Bright Side selected 16 examples for you of situations where people literally did what they were asked to do and the results were hilarious.

Face + Book = Facebook

When you are following the instructions but something’s wrong anyway:

When you were asked to draw zebra on the road:

Maybe, looking this up in a plant dictionary is not the worst idea?

When they ask you about the dress code:

The clock that shows the most precise time.

When you were asked to hang photo frames somewhere in the corner:

“Don’t forget to stick a price tag on the expensive salad.”

A bike needs a steering wheel... a real steering wheel.

When your boss asked you to attract more clients:

When you were told that the expiration date should be on the product:

When you were ordered to block the passageway:

When you were told that Photoshop is almighty:

Well, he is right:

“I live in the basement. I told my dad I needed more natural light in my bedroom, so he bought me this mirror.”

When you failed to get the cereal:

What cases of literal-understanding have happened in your life? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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