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16 Famous First Times in History

In world history, everything once happened for the first time. We’re not just talking about inventing the computer but about the first selfie, the first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and the first rights to drive a motorcycle for a woman. Someday our great-grandchildren will look at photos of the hadron collider or the first 3D printer and wonder how they were invented so long ago! In the last point, you’ll see the pearl of the collection!

Bright Side collected 17 photos of famous firsts in history.

First Tesla, 2008

The Tesla Roadster, also named the Dark Star, is the first electric battery vehicle produced by Tesla Motors. Production stopped in 2012, but they’ve promised to restart the model by 2020.

Café Terrace at Night, 1888

This was the first painting of Vincent van Gogh in which he used a starry sky. This café really exists and is situated in Place du Forum in Arles, France.

First artificial heart, 2015

AbioCor made the first completely artificial heart. It functions on a rechargeable energy source, and AbioCor has already tested it on 15 patients, but the company stopped developing the product.

First cell phone, 1973

This device weighed more than 1 kg, held a charge for only half an hour, and took 10 hours to charge. On the day that Martin Cooper invented the world’s first cell phone, he called a competitor company and told them that he was talking on his cell phone.

First selfie, 1839

Robert Cornelius improved on the technology of Louis Daguerre and, as a result, received this picture. It was not only the first selfie but also the first distinct human portrait in history!

First color photograph, 1861

The first color photo was taken by James Maxwell during his experiments with tri-color technologies. The photo shows a tartan ribbon.

First photograph of lightning, 1882

This natural phenomenon was first recorded by William Jennings. Jennings’s goal was to know if lightning really had a zig-zag form.

First car, 1896

The first car that Henry Ford designed in his garage was called a Ford Quadricycle. It ran on gasoline and moved on 4 bicycle tires. After this success, Henry Ford decided to create the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Annie Edson Taylor, 1901

Annie Edson Taylor became an adventurer in an attempt to earn money. Her goal was to go over the raging Niagara Falls in a barrel, and she succeeded. She was 63 years old and the first person to do it!

First Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, 1931

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan was first dressed in 1931. It was decorated with cans, toys, and cranberries. Since 1933, it has become a tradition, and the Christmas tree is decorated in early December.

Sally Halterman, 1937

This is the first woman in Washington granted a license to drive a motorcycle. She was told that she was very young and then that she was quite young. But Sally passed the exams several times, fought for her rights, and finally got her license!

First neon sign in Las Vegas, 1941

This was the first neon sign in the City of Lights, Las Vegas. It was installed on the top of the El Rancho casino.

First public showing of the bikini, 1946

The new style of swimsuit was named after the Bikini Atoll. The creator of the modern bikini is considered to be the Parisian fashion designer Louis Reard. The bikini was first shown in public on July 5, 1946, by Micheline Bernardini, a dancer from the Casino de Paris.

First McDonald’s restaurant, 1948

It is located in San Bernardino. At first, Richard and Maurice McDonald sold barbecue food, but then they reopened the restaurant with potato chips, French fries, orange juice, hamburgers, and Coca-Cola. Now you can find not only the restaurant but a museum and gift shop here!

First robot, 1957

The 2.5-meter robot with a control panel was called Cygan: it was advertised as a “universal robot,” and its suggested uses included assistance in experiments with poisonous and explosive substances or a home helper.

First Apple computer, 1976

This is the first computer developed by Steve Wozniak and presented to the public by Steve Jobs. It was bought by just one person: Paul Terrell. The next day, Jobs appeared barefoot in Terrell’s computer store — The Byte Shop — and made the first deal in the history of Apple.

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