17 Fascinating Photos of Products Under the Microscope Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Although we can't see it, we know for sure that within everything we eat there's a whole other miniature world hiding its mysteries from the naked eye. With the help of a microscope, you can finally see this magical world, and the chances are even mother nature herself would never have thought that science would advance this far.

We here at Bright Side took a peek at 17 food products right up close. We'll never look at our plate in the same way again!

A sugar crystal

A salt crystal

The tail of a shrimp


Granulated instant coffee

A roasted coffee bean

A grain of wheat

A strawberry

Any strawberry (and, in fact, almost any fruit whatsoever) will actually have fruit mites on it - either alive or dead. This may sound disturbing, but there's nothing to be afraid of: if they're singular, mites are not harmful for you when swallowed.

A sesame seed

Black pepper

A red grape


A tomato



Star anise


Leg of a fly

Our toilets, bathrooms and general environment attract lots of bacteria and parasites. Who knew they can be pretty up close?

Preview photo credit Stanislav Gorb, depositphotos
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