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16 Hilarious Times Pregnancy Wasn’t a Walk in the Park

Expecting a baby is a very exciting, life-changing time in a person's life. But even though being pregnant is very serious, it tends to be funny from time to time. For 9 months, an expectant mother's body changes as do her relationships with friends and relatives. While it can be challenging, having a healthy sense of humor always makes these changes a little bit easier.

Bright Side has collected a few examples of what pregnant women and their partners go through while they are expecting a baby.

1. When you're pregnant and you decide to cook something light for the evening:

2. Some food mixes can be pretty exotic.

3. When an activity you do all the time doesn't quite turn out as planned.

4. You have to try hard to make everything work!

5. Over time, you will see that the belly is not a problem at all!

6. And in some situations, it can even be an advantage!

7. It's also great for self-expression.

8. It's important to choose good shoes in the beginning.

9. Because regular sandals are probably not the best idea...

10. Don't forget about clothes for the summer!

11. And you'll have to find new forms of entertainment. Your friends will be going out without you.

12. "I’m 8 months pregnant and he won’t leave my side."

13. Furry friends will help you to become good parents.

14. You'll also change the relationship you have with your other half.

15. It's great when you understand each other really well.

16. Be sure to warn your relatives and tell them you're pregnant!

Bonus: A pregnant woman can cause a lot of trouble...

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