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16 Hot Photos Proving Heat Doesn’t Spare Anything

A lot of forecasts are speculating that 2019 will be the coldest winter on record in the UK and the US. While a big part of the world is struggling to get warm and get rid of the snow in their yards, we have decided to bring some summer heat into your winter days. Because the best part is seeing the contrast, right?

We at Bright Side reminisce about summer days with longing but have to remind ourselves that summer, as wonderful as it is, sometimes spares no one.

1. Ice cream is always the first victim.

2. Traffic lights melting in Kuwait due to high temperatures

3. It was not a great day for a road trip in Australia.

4. In some countries, the roads start melting even before summer.

5. Cracked 2 eggs in a pan and left them outside for 3 hours in the Aussie heatwave... Voila!

6. A wall melting in the Arizona summer

7. So hot, an egg got a tattoo.

8. I feel that this melting air freshener is a good testament to the power of a Texas summer.

9. It’s a 70 degree day in Seattle and my dog is melting.

10. A sweet spot for those who can’t stand the heat

11. Snuggly

12. It’s that time of year again in Arizona.

13. I see your Arizona oven mitts and I raise you Las Vegas melted blinds.

14. What are you looking at?

15. That might be slightly overdoing it...

16. Kittens during a heatwave

Which one of these made you grateful for the winter time? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit RedCar50 / reddit, unknown / imgur
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