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16 of the Weirdest Swimsuits Not Many People Would Dare to Wear

Summer is right around the corner. A great figure isn’t the only way to impress everyone by the pool and on the beach — an original swimsuit will also do the trick. But sometimes designers overdo it with their creativity and end up with creations that look more like bacon than a swimsuit!

Bright Side has collected 16 of the strangest swimsuits that you’re probably better off not buying.

16. Beauty comes from the inside out. Literally.

15. This swimsuit is not for those looking to get a tan.

14. Oops, Donald! Is this your new presidential hairdo?

13. Have you seen the movie Jaws?

12. Let’s be children forever!

11. Such speedos don’t leave after the wave, exactly.

10. Is it going to turn into fried bacon after a sunbath?

9. Are they serious? Would you wear this?

8. For pizza lovers only!

7. You’ll need this if you’re a waiter at a beach party.

6. Go green with a one-day cabbage swimsuit. You can even eat it when you’re done!

5. The weirdest one...

4. This mediocre swimsuit can show you the current level of UV light. For geeks only.

3. Could we save the planet with solar-battery swimsuits?

2. Wow, it’s the best hand-made swimsuit we’ve ever seen!

1. A suit to calm your nerves.

Which swimsuit do you like the most? Which is the weirdest? Share with us in the comments!

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