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16 of the World’s Safest Airlines (This List Can Help You Say Goodbye to Your Fear of Flying)

Millions of people worldwide suffer from the fear of flying, otherwise known as aerophobia. Many of them report feeling anxious and dizzy before a flight but their biggest fear is that the plane will crash. Having some additional information about the airline you’re traveling with may be helpful in overcoming a phobia of flying.

Bright Side came up with a list of the world’s safest airlines, according to the year of establishment and the number of plane crashes, as well as some other criteria such as comfort and customer satisfaction. We hope it’ll help you feel better the next time you board a plane!

1. Virgin Australia, Australia

Established in 1999, Virgin Australia is the second largest airline in Australia. This low-cost carrier tops the list of the safest airlines because it has never had a major or fatal plane crash since the day it started operating.

2. Emirates, UAE

Throughout its 37-year-long existence, Emirates has never had a single plane crash. It’s the largest air company in the Middle East that operates more than 2,500 flights per week.

3. Virgin Atlantic Airways, Great Britain

Virgin Atlantic Airways was established in 1984. Currently, most of Virgin Atlantic’s operations are long-distance international flights. Although their planes have been in accidents, none of them resulted in fatal crashes. In 2013, first-class passengers flying between London and New York had the unique opportunity to view paintings from a commercial art gallery in the air.

4. KLM, the Netherlands

KLM was established back in 1919 and it’s currently the world’s oldest air company. One of the most interesting things about the airline is that during online check-ins, a passenger can choose who they sit next to by viewing other people’s profiles on social networks. The last and the worst plane crash, involving one of the KLM aircraft occurred in 1977.

5. Easy Jet, Great Britain

Another low-cost airline on the list. Easy Jet was founded in 1995 and it’s currently Britain’s largest airline with more than 50 million passengers annually passing through its terminal. It’s also the second largest low-cost carrier following Ryan Air. Not a single plane crash since it was founded.

6. Finnair, Finland

We decided to put Finnair on our list because over, the last 50 years, the company’s fleet hasn’t had a single accident. More than 10 million passengers fly with Finnair annually. Just compare — the population of Finland is only 5 million people. In January 2016, Finnair was named the world’s 6th most punctual airline.

7. Etihad Airways, UAE

Etihad Airways was founded in 2003 in Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In 2013, the company started offering the “flying nanny” service for passengers who travel with children. While their parents watch movies or take a nap, the “flying nannies” play with the young passengers. They draw, show magic tricks, and even make origami animals. Throughout its history, the airline had only one accident in 2007. Luckily, no one died in that plane crash.

8. Spirit Airlines, USA

Spirit Airlines is not just another low-cost carrier. It claims to be the first ultra-low-cost airline in the world. The company flies a great number of destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. And not even one major accident throughout their history!

9. Lufthansa, Germany

The largest German carrier, Lufthansa, is 59 years old and it has recently been named “The Best Airline in Europe.” It’s all very easy — perfect service and high standards of safety are the company’s top priorities. The last plane crash took place in 1993.

10. Hawaiian Airlines, USA

One of the best American carriers, Hawaiian Airlines, was founded back in 1929. It’s the oldest air company in the United States that has never had a single plane crash throughout its history.

11. Qantas, Australia

Today, just like some 98 years ago, Qantas has a great reputation for its reliability and exceptional customer service. In 2015, Qantas was the first airline to offer their clients to dive into the amazing world of virtual reality during the flights. VR headsets were available in airport lounges for the first class passengers in Sydney and Melbourne and also on A380 flights between Australia and Los Angeles. The last fatal plane crash involving a Qantas aircraft was registered 60 years ago.

12. Swiss International Air Lines, Switzerland

Swiss International Air Lines was established in 2002 in Switzerland. It has a great reputation for its high safety standards — the company has never had a single plane crash. The airline also cares about its customers’ health — for clients with food allergies and lactose intolerant passengers, they serve a special menu which includes gluten-free products and lactose-free desserts, such as coffee cream and Swiss chocolate bars.

13. Japan Airlines, Japan

Japan Airlines is the main carrier of Japan. It was founded more than 60 years ago and there have been no major accidents in the past 30 years.

14. Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Singapore Airlines is best known for its flawless customer service, convenience, and safety. If you have some time before your connecting flight, the company will offer you a free city tour. They’ve been plane-crash free since 2000.

15. Royal Jordanian, Jordan

Royal Jordanian was founded in 1963 and it currently flies to multiple destinations on 4 continents. Over the last 30 years, the company hasn’t had any accidents.

16. Scandinavian Airlines, Sweden

Scandinavian Airlines was established in 1946. Commonly known as SAS, it’s the national carrier of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The last deadly plane crash occurred in 2001.

How do you feel about flying? Have you ever flown with these airlines before? Share your stories and opinions with us in the comments section below!

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