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16 Once-In-A-Lifetime Finds That Came Out of Nowhere

Have you ever thought about discovering something priceless, strange or unexpected? Luckily, these days most of us have access to smartphones and the Internet, giving us a chance to see what some people have found totally out of blue.

Bright Side selected some of these crazy items that were found unexpectedly. Some of them are sweet and cute, some sentimental, and some may encourage you to grab a shovel! Let's have a look - don't forget to check out the bonus image at the end of the article!

1. "Found this "rock" at my cottage when I was 6 years old. Found out today it's the tooth of a prehistoric monster shark."

2. "Found these on the roadside and didn't have room in my car so I left them there. Seriously regretting that decision."

3. A brother and sister found love letters written by a WWI soldier hidden in their walls. The letters were returned to the woman the soldier was writing to, who is now his wife.

4. A farmer found this huge egg. Guess what was inside of it...

5. "Found this '90's artifact after cleaning out my car. I can't believe it actually still works!"

6."I just found this in my chips - it's a big chunk of seasoning! Should I eat it?"

7. "I found this nail, though I'm not entirely convinced it isn't a tiny mouse sword."

8. "I found this in a random book on the shelf of a café."

9. "I found a couple of WWII artifacts at a beach in Okinawa, Japan."

10. "I found this glass ball that had become the home to a small marine ecosystem."

11. "Found this old calculator in my great grandmother’s attic."

12. "I found a tree that grew through a tire."

13. "Found this old, rusty missile in a house I was clearing out!"

14. "I found this massive salt crystal in a tin that matches the company's logo."

15. A couple found a 50-year-old safe hidden in their kitchen wall containing $51,080, a bottle of bourbon, and a book.

16. A couple spotted something strange underneath their bathroom vanity which ended up being many pieces of vintage jewelry.


A soldier found a baby squirrel who was close to death. He took care of it and fed it like a baby every few hours. Very soon they became inseparable. The guy worked as a taxi driver and the squirrel would always go to work with him.

Have you ever found something unusual and totally unexpected? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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