17 Overheard Stories That Are Filled with Positive Vibes

17 Overheard Stories That Are Filled with Positive Vibes

Strange and wonderful things happen to all of us from day to day, and sometimes these special little moments just have to be shared.

We at Bright Side never cease to be inspired by those little stories that reveal what makes ordinary people happier. That's why we gathered a few of them together here for you.


  • Men are children forever. Just seen the proof. A store that sells makeup and clothes for the whole family. A woman's piercing shriek, "Tom, are you nuts or what?!" I turn around. Behind my back there's a man of about forty who's painting a multicolored shiner under his eye with a cotton swab taken from an eye shadow tester. Bravo!
  • My neighbors complained to the authorities that every night they could hear children's cries, knocking, and the sound of furniture being knocked over coming from our apartment. Soon there's a knock at the door. I open it without turning on the light, and a question rings out: "Are there any adults at home?" I'm just 1.5 meters tall and weigh 48 lbs, and behind me there's a 1.75 m mountain weighing 176 lbs. There's another such mountain behind him. I turn on the light to reveal myself - the mother of two 13-year-old aspiring athletes who love to play at night.
  • The managers at my local gym are often amazed that I manage to go there six times a week on a regular basis. The trainers there are intrigued by the fact that I do completely different workouts on alternate days. Meanwhile, Satan laughs while my brother and I go to the gym three times a week using just one membership pass...
  • I've thought up a great new household tradition: Five Minutes of Tenderness. All I have to do is say, "Time for our five minutes of tenderness," and my husband and son drop whatever it is they're doing and come give me hugs, bringing the cat along with them for good measure.
  • I love singing in the shower, but only when my parents aren't home because my singing voice sounds a little like that of a dog that's got a sore throat. One time, I came out of the bathroom to find my parents and my sister sitting on chairs in the hallway. They started applauding me. My dad had even taken the time to buy a fake flower to give me at the end of the "concert."
  • My daughter had to have her leg amputated up to the knee. My husband and I always try to make light of what happened and even tell jokes so that she doesn't grow up feeling unhappy. Once, we were at the beach, and my husband carried her out of the water screaming that a shark had bitten off her leg. Another time, when her classmates asked her about her leg, she said that she'd served in a war zone and stepped on a mine. We're so glad that our daughter's growing up with a good sense of humor!


  • Years ago, when I was still a teenager and we didn't have much money, my elderly neighbor used to give me clothes and jewelry that she had worn in her youth (when she'd been the same size as me). The things she gave me were always in incredibly good condition, but, of course, they looked old-fashioned. After a while, I began to notice that other girls were wearing similar things. It was then that I realized that my neighbor had been buying new things and pretending they were from her old wardrobe. All because she believed that it was important to look beautiful when you're young.
  • I have a neighbor who lives alone. I always see him feeding the local cats, dogs, and even the pigeons. One day, I came home with my five-year-old son, and he shouted out to me, "Hey, lady! Look at this! I'm like Snow White!" I looked over and understood what he meant: the second he emerged from his house, all the animals nearby scrambled and skittered over to greet him.
  • After a car accident, I was left unable to speak. Now I carry a notepad and a pen with me everywhere to allow me to communicate. When I was still in the hospital, my best friend from childhood discussed all kinds of topics with me. He always waited patiently for me to write down my answer, and then he'd respond by either agreeing or disagreeing with what I wrote. It's gestures like this that really make you value your friends and what you have.


  • Many years ago, I was waiting in line at the store with my three-year-old daughter. It was winter, and she was wrapped up tight in her warm coat, hat, and boots. She had big beautiful eyes, and her cheeks were flushed from the cold. I heard the voice of a little boy - he must have been about five - behind us say, "Mom, look how beautiful she is! One day we'll be friends!" I exchanged a smile with the boy's mother, and our kids got acquainted with each other. Then they grew up. Now, they're getting married.


  • Once, when I went to pick up my child after school, I got caught up in a crowd of kids. I'm so short that one man mistook me for his kid and tried to lead me off by the hand...

  • I'm not very tall (only 1.56 m), but my boyfriend is almost two meters. I was walking with him around the university yesterday. A group of my classmates went by, and it was then that I tripped and fell over. When I fell, a ton of change fell out of my pockets. Instead of helping me up, my big dumbass of a boyfriend did his best to make me look like even more of an idiot and exclaimed, "I always knew you were a leprechaun!"
  • Once, I was really bored riding the bus. I remembered an old trick we used to play. I fixed my gaze on a girl sitting nearby, staring at her for a long time. Then I took out my phone and demonstratively said into it, "Chief, I've found the one and only." Without missing a beat, she got out her own phone and said, "I'm busted, requesting evacuation." The whole bus roared with laughter.
  • I'm on my way to the hospital with a lightbulb in my mouth. I always thought that only the stupidest people end up doing things like this, but here I am: a 33-year-old woman with two kids, an honors degree, a successful career in law, and a flawless reputation - racing down the highway with a lightbulb in my mouth. My jaw hurts, and there are tears in my eyes from both the pain and from laughter. My husband has the hiccups from laughing so much. And it's all because I lamented not having done a single foolish thing in my entire life. Someone offered me the lightbulb, and I thought, Well, why not?
  • I was walking home from work, tired and angry, and it started raining. My clothes got soaked through; my dress became almost see-through and my makeup was running. I caught the gaze of passersby and became even more irritated. What were they looking at? Had they never seen someone caught in the rain before? When I reached my front door, I suddenly realized I'd been walking along the whole time with an umbrella pressed tightly against my chest.


  • When I was a child, we were very poor. Because my parents didn't have much money, there was no way they could ever afford to take me to a hairdressers to get my hair cut. This task fell to my dad. At school, I was always embarrassed about this fact, but now I understand there was really no need to be. After all, there can't be many daughters out there who can boast that their father knows how to using a sewing machine, buy shoes, cut hair, and apply makeup, in addition to knowing how to build, carry out plumbing, and cook. I'm really proud of him.
  • When I was five and my brother was eight, our parents would leave us at home on our own in order to go to work. They didn't give us any money, and there was no candy or chocolate at home. But we were children, and we were determined to find a source of sugar. So my brother took out my mom's cookery book, looked up the simplest recipe, and then we went to see all of our neighbors and asked them to lend us the ingredients. We then baked something sweet all by ourselves! Then we went back to our neighbors and shared it with them.
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