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16 People That Ordered Something Ordinary Online and Received an Unforeseen Surprise

Online shops are definitely a part of our lives. In the US, for example, in 2018, people spent 5 hours a week shopping online. But not all of their purchases have a happy ending. Inexperienced users often don’t check the rating of the seller and only pay attention to the low price of the product. In cases like this, funny things happen: like buying an unexpected holiday costume for your dog, ordering a cool dress that looks like a piece of old cloth, and realizing that the caption on the baseball cap you ordered is not exactly what you expected it to be.

Bright Side has found some bittersweet examples of online shopping experiences.

1. Ordered a costume for a cool party... A dog party

2. If you want to look like a caterpillar, just wear this dress.

3. Glasses for very tiny girls

4. Winter is coming.

5. Looks like a kimono.

6. At least they’re stylish.

7. “So I bought this in a size 8 and it wouldn’t even go over my head. It just fits my 4-year-old daughter! Really?????”

8. Cool-looking pajamas

9. Come on! It’s just a couple of letters!

10. Who is supposed to wear these pants?

11. This is what happens when you buy leggings online.

12. Not even close...

13. The mask turned out to be far scarier than it was in the ad.

14. The color is kind of close though...

15. The size is a bit wrong.

16. The designers probably don’t understand the actual size of a human head.

Bonus: The costume I ordered for Halloween vs What I got

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Share the photos of your disappointment!

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