16 People Who Are Brave Enough to Show They’re Not Always Perfect

Most of us have thousands of photos of ourselves on our cell phones and cameras. And not all of them are perfect — which are the ones we usually try to hide from everyone. But some Twitter users were brave enough to share these photos and even started the trend: Me vs Also me.

We at Bright Side were amazed by how self-depreciating all these people are and decided to show you their most impressive photos.

Us before the wedding vs Us after it

We can be very different at home and in public.

It may even be hard to recognize us.

“I don’t always look the way I do in the first photo.”

Love is... taking the hundreds of pins out of her hair.

When you can be a model and a funny guy:

Now this is a transformation!

At home vs At a party

“Us going to the wedding vs Us coming back home”

2 completely different people, right?

When you are not afraid to look funny:

We all look better before the party, than after it.

“Me arriving at my boyfriend’s house vs Me leaving my boyfriend’s house”

“Me on weekdays vs Me on the weekend”

Before and after

“Me on Instagram vs Me in real life”

Do you have any of these photo comparisons that prove that everyone has both great photos and those that don’t show their best side?

Preview photo credit stephanieayvarl / Twitter
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