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16 People Who Can Turn Any Fail Into a Win

Optimists are people who can treat difficult situations with humor and find the good in everything. And though pessimism is inherited, we can teach ourselves to be more optimistic and positive just like the heroes of today’s article.

Bright Side is amazed by these people’s ingenuity. They’ll prove to you that the glass is always half full.

When you get what you’ve actually wanted...

... and realize wired headphones aren’t that bad.

Even a failed gift wrap situation can be a good sign.

“When something goes wrong, set your own rules! My girlfriend’s gingerbread house failed and I just added a dinosaur.”

When you use your opponent’s benefits against them:

When you can’t help but go for a walk:

When your friend has forgotten about you but you already have another plan:

A hole isn’t a problem if you’re creative.

These people know how to deal with rude clients.

Nailed it!

It’s just about the right approach.

If your bus is stuck in traffic, you can enjoy the view.

When you can’t control the situation:

“My friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He thought it would be funny to send this as his Christmas letter. His wife, horrified, added the sticker.”

When you’re someone’s whole universe:

When you think positive, your computer becomes more optimistic too.

What do you usually do to beat the blues? Share your methods with us in the comments! Perhaps someone really needs them.

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