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16 People Who Could Barely Recover From Their Epic Fail

Everyone makes mistakes and if you are lucky, over time, they'll turn into funny stories that you can tell your friends. And if you managed to take a photo of this so-called "mistake" you have a chance of going viral on the Internet! This is exactly what happened to the people in this photo compilation. Just wait until you see the sloth stripper and the tombstone with a guinea pig!

Bright Side has collected some of the funniest fails that have happened to Internet users just like you.

"If you let your child pour their own syrup they will invent 'Pancake Soup.' ”

"My mom ordered my nephew a Converse backpack for school online and this is what came in the mail."

Don't leave the keys to your apartment with your ex.

"'Get him a bed,' they said."

"My house needed numbers so I thought I'd get creative and painted this. Now it looks like I buried a pig out front. Gonna be hard explaining this one to the landlord..."

"My father asked me to buy a shower curtain but I think he will be disappointed with my choice."

"I just said hi to this cardboard cut out. I hate Wal-Mart."

"I walked into the bathroom and saw this."

"When I planted a dwarf lemon tree, this wasn’t what I had in mind..."

A panoramic photo of a dog went terribly wrong.

"3 years ago I unknowingly bought a 2-person child's tent thinking it was adult-sized...and I still took it to the festival."

"I burned 1500 calories today."

This was not a good idea.


"My dog dug up a section of the lawn so I fixed it and then roped it off. Went outside and found her like this"

When the sun hates you:

Have you ever experienced similar fails in your life? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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