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16 People Who Had to Go Through a Lot to Get a Great Photo

Some people take at least 350 photos before they get a perfect shot. We believe that it's very charming when people combine self-irony and a good sense of humor in their photos. People from this article not only show their best work, but also share the process of making them.

Bright Side admires these brave people with amazing imaginations. Not only will they improve your mood, but also make you look at ordinary things from a different angle. Hats off to all of them!

It's not that easy to take a perfect selfie on a sunny day.

And it's very important to find your good angle.

You can keep your little secrets behind the scenes.

For some people doing it only halfway really works.

Don't be afraid to look in the opposite direction.

Only if we take risks can we go beyond the usual framework, multiply our possibilities, and inspire other people.

This guy photoshopped himself into his childhood photo. It actually looks like he invented a time machine.

But even Photoshop isn't always an option.

A photo without filters or retouching shows the true skills of a photographer.

A model's work is even more priceless.

Because even the most innocent photoshoot can go wrong.

And they don't have time to laugh at the situation.

Taking advantage of everything is very important for a good photo.

Especially when you have friends who can help you with anything.

While trying to get a great photo, we can end up with a very unexpected yet super cool result.

But you should remember that 99% of the time you end up with something like this.

Do you recognize your friends or even yourself in these photos? Who of the people mentioned above do you think tried the hardest for their photo? Was that worth it?

Preview photo credit okkasupardan / instagram
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