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16 People Who Think Their Prom Is Way More Important Than the Red Carpet at the Oscars

The prom, unlike a wedding or other events, happens only once in a lifetime. This is why it’s not surprising that almost every student dreams of showing up to prom looking better than everyone else. Some high school students have such a serious attitude about preparing for the event that even Hollywood stars that regularly go to red carpet ceremonies would never dream of such outfits.

Bright Side came across these 16 students who did so well at preparing their prom outfits that they’d fit right in as Met Gala guests.

1. “My friend’s little sister went to prom as a highlighter.”

2. When you didn’t have enough time for makeup:

3. What kind of prom is it if there aren’t costumes like this?

4. When you want to be a superstar:

5. “My neighbor and her date decided to dress in a retro look for the prom...”

6. Cardi B...almost

7. A hoverboard that matches the color of his teeth

8. This could’ve been a poster for a Disney film...but it’s not!

9. When you still had some leftover scraps from your dress and you didn’t want to throw them away:

10. There’s no such thing as too much glitter.

11. Or...too much fur. Well, you never know when it’ll get cold!

12. At least Chadwick Boseman is wearing a shirt...

13. Parents: “How pompous do you want to look at the prom?”

14. Your carriage is here, miss!

15. A great way to avoid talking or eating too much

16. A typical Slytherin graduate

What did you look like at your prom? If you could go back and do it all over again, what would you have changed about your appearance?

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