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16 People Whose Expectations Were Ruthlessly Shattered by Reality

It is always a little sad when you expect to get one thing, but you actually get something completely different. So, the people from our compilation were amazed by the bananas they got and the eggs that they made. But they had a good laugh and shared their good mood with us.

Bright Side offers you the chance to take a look at 16 funny fails and laugh at them with us.

1. “What my sister asked for vs What the salon did vs What my mom did after the salon disaster”

2. Internet photo vs Reality

3. When you try to do your nails yourself:

4. A true baking masterpiece

5. Who knew you could fail this badly at making French macarons?

6. Beautiful photo: expectation and reality

7. Do bananas deserve this torture?

8. Swiss what?

9. Or maybe just carrots...

10. “Thanks, only pepperoni in the part you can see...”

11. “I attempted to make Cuphead and Mugman themed Oreo pops”

12. “I ordered mushrooms on toast, I didn’t expect this.”

13. Eggcellent breakfast

14. Elsa’s secret sister

15. Beautiful plant-fro!

16. “At least I got cotton candy...”

Have you ever experienced a situation where everything did not go according to plan? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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