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16 People Whose Imagination Rocks

It’s amazing and fascinating to have a rich imagination. You see interesting stories and colorful pictures everywhere around you. Thanks to their imagination, the characters of our compilation see a little more in ordinary situations than others and are ready to give a fascinating description to any photo or object.

Bright Side collected usual photos where people with vivid imaginations see a lot of interesting stuff.

1. “These are 3 completely different worlds where people will never understand each other.”

2. “Found a hairless guinea pig that looks like a baby hippo”

3. “My bread dough looks like Dustin from Stranger Things!”

4. These birds that look like they are twice divorced

5. “When you’re starting to turn into a cookie and just can’t stop.”

6. “Jupiter on my spoon”

7. “Does anyone else think this photo looks like one of those Hieronymus Bosch paintings?”

8. “This light pole shadow looks like a USB logo.”

9. “This cute tiny spider looks like a happy drunk old man.”

10. “Is it only me who sees the head of Cleopatra in this canister?”

11. When you are about to leave the house and your siblings say “Mom said to take me with you.”

12. “Take my picture as if I’m a gazelle.”

13. “This bird poop on my car looks like a bird pooping.”

14. “Creepy rabbit in my coffee”

15. “When you sit down in the salon chair in your plastic cape after shampooing and you wonder if you have always been this ugly.”

16. Another case of reincarnation has been detected — look at how Carel Fabritius resembles Michael Jackson.

Are you able to see unusual things in everyday life? We would love to see the photos showing a whole new world in the comments!

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