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16 Perfectly Timed Shots That Are Mere Masterpieces

In pursuit of a good shot, many people are ready to face inconvenience hoping to catch some good luck. However, there are really lucky people who get interesting shots without doing much — they just manage to make the right click at the right moment.

Bright Side is going to share with you some results of such random luck.

1. “A mate of mine trying Chinese dumplings for the first time”

2. Say, “beef”!

3. Someone is going to have water procedures in the blink of an eye.

4. “Darling, you’re not letting me say a word!”

5. This guy has chosen the luckiest place to sit on.

6. “Look what fish I caught...”

7. Someone is going to have a wet shirt soon...

8. And here comes the sneezing...

9. The moment of a catastrophe

10. Watch out! Ah, it’s too late...

11. Tameless hair

12. Ah, that moment!

13. When you get tired of taking her autumn-style pictures:

14. The reaction of the man in the background is priceless.

15. “Dad snapped the pic right as the crayfish snapped my finger.”

16. Levitating banana

Do you have similar photos in your photo album? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Kevin Horton / Twitter
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