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16 Photos That Can Raise Your Pulse in the Blink of an Eye

There are so many terrifying pictures on the internet that people will always try to get a thrill from. These pictures might be disgusting or intriguingly scary — but the point of these is to make us feel unsafe in a completely secure environment because after the initial fear calms down, we’re left with a pleasant feeling of safety.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 16 photos of atrociously gross things to get that adrenalin pumping in your body.

1. This is not an ordinary pizza for sure.

2. These are the headphones from hell.

3. We don’t think chicken is supposed to look like that...

4. This is either a toy or a mutant

5. Who needs to go to the bathroom, anyway?

6. And brushing your teeth is unnecessary as well.

7. “This wasp can have this shirt and the whole house while he’s at it!”

8. This person is out there with new fresh ideas...

9. This is not what a manicure should look like.

10. He touched the wrong animal.

11. This picture is terrifying because of how many actual humans there are.

12. Please tell us it’s an art project...

13. Just a usual day in Australia!

14. Nature is truly scary.

15. We’re not going to eat berries for a while after this.

16. This face-swap picture would make literally anybody uncomfortable.

If you have any other pictures that easily provoke fear, please share them in the comments below.

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