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16 Photos That Clearly Explain Why There Are So Many Perfect People on the Internet

Women and men will do anything just to look awesome on the internet. But many users probably don’t even know that it’s possible to perfect your photos using tricks like special angles, filters, and even taking the photos in the morning before breakfast.

Bright Side has collected 16 examples showing why you shouldn’t unquestioningly believe the perfect people on Instagram. It’s probably that they’re just really good at using different tricks to create an illusion of perfection.

16. The first rule for any Instagram model is to not take photos right after waking up.

15. Otherwise, you’ll look like a totally different person.

14. You body looks better in the morning before breakfast.

13. This is how you can make your hair look great. All you need is the right angle.

12. Of course, makeup makes a huge difference.

11. The right angle, good light, and a smile can make an awesome photo.

10. Nobody shares the real photos of their workouts.

9. And a black and white picture sometimes looks much better.

8. Another lifehack: just cover the “non-ideal” body parts with clothes.

7. And if nothing helps, then you need the real weapon — Photoshop. It can make any girl super fit.

6. Here’s another example:

5. Men love looking better, too.

4. They like traveling.

3. And so do girls.

2. Photoshop can even change your gender.

1. And you can add some bright characters.

What similar tricks do you know?

Preview photo credit Ira Mishkina/vk
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