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16 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Worse Than Feeling Lonely

Loneliness can be different: when you have nobody to go to the party with, when you have nobody to lean on, or when you go on vacation with friends that are dating each other. Every day, thousands of funny and sometimes sad little stories happen all around the world, but very few people tell about them.

We at Bright Side wanted to share these moving stories with you.

When you’re working and your cat misses you a lot:

His dog was stolen, but he managed to find it. Just look at the emotion!

And sometimes your pet is the only thing you miss.

“My brother told me he was going to Spain and sent me this the next day.”

And this is a New Year’s tradition

He just wanted to watch the game with his family...

“One time I saw a cute girl, so I tied a balloon to her so I could find her later when I was brave enough to say hi.”

“I don’t even know if Nala realizes this, but it hurts my heart.”

Third wheel

When you don’t have enough support:

“He’s no longer here, but she still gives him some space.”

So, they will never have foreign friends?

Hey! What about Tigger?

Loneliness can do wonders!

“He really thought he could get a response this way.”

“Nobody showed up for Etta’s birthday party.”

How do you fight loneliness? Tell us in the comment section below.

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