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16 Striking Photos That Prove We Don’t Need Photoshop to Get the Perfect Shot


In the age of modern technology, anyone can create breathtaking shots with the help of Photoshop. However, the most valuable images are the ones that have been captured spontaneously with perfect timing and from the right angle.

We at Bright Side put together a collection of 16 pictures that are so unusual, it’s hard to believe that there’s been no editing or Photoshop whatsoever.

16. Above the clouds

15. “Plane trails made a star in the sky this morning.”

14. This lava dome during the volcanic eruption in Hawaii (1969) still amazes scientists due to its size and symmetry.

13. The inner layer of a bank vault

12. “Today it rained on one half of my street.”

11. An apple with stripes

10. A flower encased in ice

9. “I cracked an egg almost perfectly in half.”

8. The way this light comes out of an almost closed door

7. An almost perfectly triangular stone

6. “Iced” tea set and table

5. Chopsticks in the form of lightsabers

4. “This funky little ribbon cloud outside my plane window”

3. The light shines through the stained glass windows creating an ombre effect.

2. This hole in the wall looks like a mirror.

1. It seems like our eyes have gone weird.

Do you have a picture that belongs on this list?

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