16 Times Japan Surprised Us With Its Creativity

We love Japan because it remains an incomprehensible country in many ways. The Japanese are very resourceful and inventive, and sometimes their creativity goes beyond human understanding.

Once again, Bright Side shares a side of Japan with you where the weirdest ideas make life more joyful and people's self-expression knows no boundaries.

1. Wine and green tea baths

The Japanese Yunessun Spa Resort promotes the health benefits of wine and green tea, using these fluids in their baths. Bathing in red wine gives a rejuvenating effect, and green tea is a powerful antioxidant.

2. Burger wrappers

The Freshness Burger fast food chain has come up with an elegant solution for women who are embarrassed to eat giant burgers in public. Behind such wrappers, you can forget about cultural norms and savor your food. The company says that since they introduced the innovation, burger sales among women have increased significantly.

3. A travel agency for plush toys

You may think this is just another way to make money out of thin air, but Unagi Travel says that photos and videos of the plush "pets" and their adventures have a noble goal: to motivate their owners to travel too.

4. Armor for animals

A Japanese company called Samurai Age creates samurai armor for animals, dolls, and even bottles of sake.

5. Sweet mayonnaise

There is an opinion that the Japanese use mayonnaise for everything from salads and sushi to ice cream and chips. Kewpie mayonnaise is really popular. In addition to the traditional taste, there is also a sweet variety of this mayonnaise, which is used for fruits, pancakes, and bread.

6. Diet water

When you want to eat mayonnaise and be slim at the same time.

7. Tooth blackening

Initially, ohaguro (tooth blackening) was common among the aristocracy and was considered a symbol of attractiveness. Eventually, all women of humble birth also started blackening their teeth to show their married status. Now girls with black teeth can be seen in theatrical performances, movies, and in areas where geishas live.

8. Infinite bubble wrap for relaxation

A compact variant of bubble wrap in the form of a keyring with bubbles that we love to pop so much. In Japan, you can pop them endlessly, replacing the batteries from time to time.

9. Ganguro style

Extremely tanned skin, bleached hair, contouring experiments, and provocative clothing — this is the way the ganguro girls challenge the traditional image of women in Japan. The style appeared in the '90s, and now its followers are becoming fewer. It seems that in the bright colors of Japan these girls can simply go unnoticed, but society views this subculture negatively.

10. The world's shortest escalator

An escalator consisting of only 5 steps, its height being 83 cm, is located in a shopping center in Kawasaki. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest escalator in the world.

11. Pikachu parade

Every year in mid-August, Pikachus march along the streets of Yokohama, synchronously wiggling and cheering up their fans.

12. Robots at a wedding

A Japanese couple in the robotics industry did not think long about who would conduct their wedding ceremony. They chose a robot called i-Fairy. And this is how it happened.

13. Maid cafés

Girls dressed in maid costumes welcome visitors right on the streets. Inside, guests will find a menu and a relaxing atmosphere. If desired, the client may get their hair washed or receive a massage. There is no sexual innuendo here. Alcohol is not usually served, but the girls are ready to dance or just chat with the guests.

14. Air bonsai

The design consists of a small pedestal and a pot with a plant. Both parts have built-in magnets, allowing the bonsai to levitate and rotate. And the manufacturers say that this fascinating thing grants wishes.

15. Ice cream with ammonia

In addition to the traditional Yukimi ice cream, which is based on green tea, you can try ice cream with pieces of meat, squid ink, garlic, wasabi, jellyfish, and even ammonia. The latter is made from salty licorice that includes ammonium chloride, which often causes nausea. Therefore, ice cream with ammonia is presented as a remedy for stomach cleansing. In addition to Japan, this strange ice cream gained fans in Scandinavia.

16. Weird arcade games

In Japan, one may find all sorts of funny, entertaining, and strange arcade games. You can even try being a sumo wrestler.

Bonus: A common prejudice regarding Japan

It seems the whole world thinks that the Japanese punish schoolgirls by making them hold their arms up like this. Note, though, that these girls are actually a Korean pop group, and this shot is from a photo session dedicated to their 2015 album.

Preview photo credit Plush Time Wins/youtube
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