16 Unusual Skills You Can Actually Learn in School Today

Are you bored with all the stuff you have to learn at an ordinary school? Do you want to get some really unusual and practical skills you'll be able to use in your life?

We at Bright Side gathered the most fascinating courses you can pursue right now.

16. An elf expert

At Álfaskólinn, the Icelandic Elf School, you can learn everything about the 13 different kinds of elves. Students here meet people who have had personal contact with these mystic creatures. They learn what elves look like, where they live, and all about their relationships with humans.

15. Funeral service

Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service is the right place for students who wish to have a career in the funeral business. You can not only take basic core classes such as math and history but also pursue a lot of special courses concentrated on life services – from the principles of embalming to mortuary law and ethics.

14. Zombie degree

A new course called "Use of Zombies in Pop Culture" was rolled out at the University of Baltimore, USA, in 2010. The course is led by Arnold T. Blumberg, a communication design professor. It is a funny but academic look at the mindless shambling undead creatures and their role in entertainment.

13. Circus skills

Contemporary Circus with Physical Theatre training is offered at Bath Spa University for people who want to integrate physical circus skills with theatrical performance. Its students learn how to become a professional artist and how to manage, stage, and promote their own work.

12. Running a ranch

At Deep Springs College, California, students are responsible for running the ranch – they have to milk cows and take care of them in addition to regular classes. The principal idea of the institution is that manual labor is as important as intellectual education for a balanced person's development.

11. Gladiator courses

Gladiator School is located in Rome and offers 2-hour classes where you can learn the basics of Roman combat and swordplay as well as pursue lectures dedicated to ancient Roman history.

10. Snake charming

In India, children of the Vadi tribe can learn how to charm a venomous snake. They start their training at the age of 2 when they are first introduced to deadly cobras. Their studying usually lasts 10 years. At the age of 12, they already know everything about the ancient tradition of snake charming with flutes.

9. Transcendental Meditation

Maharishi School, located in Fairfield, Iowa, is an unusual independent preparatory school. Its curriculum includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique alongside other traditional academic subjects.

8. Witchcraft

The Grey School of Wizardry is situated in California, and it's the first officially recognized academic school where you can learn all the secrets of magic. Its students are split into 4 houses and can choose to study in one of the 15 departments, which include wand-making and defense against the dark arts. Doesn't it sound familiar?

7. Husband hunting

The first husband-hunting school opened in 2010 in Japan. A hopeful bride-to-be is taught how to impress her future in-laws, how to serve food, how to dress properly, and many other useful things for married life.

6. Theatre arts

Have you always dreamed of being an actor or a singer? Today you can learn how to become a professional artist at The College of Arts & Sciences. Students can pursue critical studies of various dramatic cultures, theatrical traditions, and expressive behavior in performance contexts.

5. Santa Claus courses

The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School opened in Michigan in 1937. Since then, it has taught its students everything connected with old Saint Nick. Here you can learn about the history of Santa Claus and his proper makeup and dress. In addition, you'll get to know Santa sign language and meet Santas from all over the world.

4. Horology

Birmingham City University, UK, is the only place in the world that offers a course on horology, the study of clocks and timekeeping. In this course, students learn the history of how time has been measured and kept. They also learn to understand the mechanical workings of clocks and watches and pursue training on timepiece design and restoration.

3. Tree climbing

The Tree Climbing Planet is located in Portland, Oregon, and it allows people to access parts of the world they'd never considered before. Students not only learn the safest tree-climbing techniques but also get closer to nature and learn how important it is to protect forests for future generations.

2. Underwater basket weaving

Although this term usually refers to a useless and absurd college or university course, at the University of Arizona underwater basket weaving has become a trademark. The course is offered during Paideia, the festival of learning, during which you can take informal noncredit courses.

1. Hamburger specialist

If you've always wanted to learn the secret ingredient that makes you come back to McDonald's again and again, then Hamburger University is just for you. The institution was founded in 1961 in Oak Brook, Illinois. Since then, it has taught students various aspects of restaurant management.

Have you heard of any other weird school courses? Share them in the comments!

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