16 Visual Proofs That Having a Neighbor Can Be Pretty Hilarious

Your neighbor can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Yet we at Bright Side believe he can also be an unending source of fun.

Wanna see?

Unplanned parenthood

When the police station is next to the fire station:

2 girls vs 2 guys in their apartments

My sister and her husband live in a small town. They came home to this note on their door:

Stop tempting the cat.

He did as he was told, though.

When you know yourself:

Awaiting THUNDER from the UPS guy!

This 101-year-old neighbor is showing everyone how to get ready for an eclipse.

Didn't quite get there...

Friends know how to surprise.

Christmas chill sarcasm

When you run out of toilet paper and your neighbor sends a delivery:

Admit it, we all wanna be friends with them.

So...how's it going?

The one neighbor we all need!

Well, love thy neighbor indeed!

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur
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