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16 Weird Items of Clothing That Will Surely Turn Heads

People have been looking after their appearance since ancient times. Fashions change, and so do the garments people wear. Today we see incredible freedom in the choice of outfits — and some people use this freedom to the point of abuse, making you laugh out loud or raise your eyebrows.

We at Bright Side found a number of clothing photos showing a unique and catchy design style that is totally normal for some people.

1. When your brain is not only clever but also beautiful!

Literally speaking — smart and beautiful!

2. From now on, cleaning will be so much fun!

The easiest way to work out at home every day.

3. Sandwich slippers. Is a cola bag included in the order?

In addition to looking tasty, these slippers can add an extra 5–7 cm to your height. Not bad!

4. This looks like a serious challenge for all grandmothers and lovers of knitting.

This guy could go to a casting session for a movie about a yeti.

5. Plastic bottles can be much more than we tend to think...

Comfortable and easy to clean — perfect shoes!

6. Guess who!

The designer must’ve been in love with some blonde girl.

7. A perfect example of how different women can be — soft and brutal at the same time!

Yet something is missing. Perhaps a zebra on a leash?

8. Designed for men only.

From now on, fish will be replenished with a new species...

9. That is a great explanation of the word “diversity.”

A nice choice for those who appreciate the comfortable business look.

10. Free hugs with a jacket as a bonus!

A special jacket for very lonely people.

11. These shoes should be watered...or not...

Are there starfish-flops? For children, perhaps?

12. If you choose to wear this swimsuit, the attention is all yours. Guaranteed.

Imagine how cool it will look on the beach!

13. Will she be able to see with her windows closed?

Red roof. Fancy.

14. A new party shirt! Now he is ready to rock!

He is focusing on his shirt’s superpower.

15. One heel is good, but 3 is better!

16. Just one simple move...and fancy pants will become shorts!

They look good no matter what.

Would you like to try on any of the above? Have you already? Or maybe you have created something similar or even more unimaginable yourself? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

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