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16 Witty People Who Break Stale Stereotypes With Their Sense of Humor

The world is so diverse, which makes it seem incredible to see how strong national stereotypes still are. It's great that the creative half of internet users treat this situation with humor and make themselves and their friends laugh every day.

Bright Side believes that laughter makes people closer and friendlier toward each other.

1. Homo Germanicus

2. The most dangerous mines are in Spain.

3. Typical Italian water...

4. which typical Italian forks are washed.

5. European vs Asian ATMs

6. Now with the flavor of luxury

7. Show me a more "Russian" photo than this one.

8. Public protests in Canada got out of control.

9. The meaning of colors on the Belgian flag:

10. The Irish Army knife

11. Summer is coming to Scandinavia.

12. Japanese parents discovered a calculator in their son's room.

13. How to distinguish a true Polish:

14. The whole sentiment about Australian wildlife in one photo.

15. Le selfie

16. An Englishman's physiology

What stupid stereotypes do you know? Tell us in the comments below. Maybe it will become someone's inspiration for another meme.

Preview photo credit 呪怨 / Toei
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