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17 Bizarre Coincidences That Happen Once in a Lifetime

Do you think it’s possible that 2 people who lived on different continents happened to wear the same clothes as kids and then met and got married? Or what are the chances of meeting a man at the airport who looks exactly like a sticker on your laptop? People from this article proved through their own experience that anything is possible in this world. At the end of the article, you’ll see a cow who definitely had a noble steed as its ancestor.

Bright Side gathered photos of amazing coincidences that will definitely improve your mood because you don’t just see these things every day.

1. “In the left photo is me in the United States, and in the right is my wife in Korea, wearing the same tank top.”

2. This man looks exactly like the sticker on that woman’s laptop.

3. “My socks match the color scheme of my shoes.”

4. No, it’s not an air show.

5. The reflection in this window makes us think there’s a ghost rider in this car.

6. “My friend got the ball stuck on his serve.”

7. “The way my spoon landed in the trash can lid”

8. A lamp cap

9. This is some kind of magic!

10. I was watching Friends and suddenly I thought that glass looked really familiar.

11. And here’s a monkey from the same TV series.

12. “Our old TV suddenly glitched and mixed 2 images, resulting in a surreal San Francisco with a mountain in the background.”

13. “Whoa! We almost didn’t see you there!”

14. The man in the back looks like he is the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

15. Could this match be any more perfect: bread, cheese, and ham, all the same size.

16. Is this a transparent magazine?

17. “My tights matched the floor at work. Actually, they’re NSFW.”

Bonus: When you’re a noble steed deep inside:

Which photo surprised you the most? Share your opinion and photos with us in the comments.

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