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17 Creations That Probably Teleported From the Future, and We Can’t Wait to Use Them

Did you know that there are dozens and dozens of technological advancements that bring us literally a full century ahead? For example, there’s a 3D printer that can make all kinds of food for patients with mouth movement disorders so they won’t choke, a levitating platform straight out of a Star Wars movie, and mechanical body parts that understand touch? But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We at Bright Side collected 17 photos of designer ideas with the most futuristic looks.

1. There is a mosaic floor you can assemble yourself.

2. And there are balloon lights that seem like they’re levitating.

3. There is a clothing rack that can be folded into a tiny star.

4. These lightsaber traffic lights

5. There is a way to restore old furniture by combining it with translucent acrylic.

6. And there are magnificent candle holders that fold flat.

7. There is an escalator in China that is curved.

8. And there is a chair that is impossible to fall from.

9. There is a tap that shows the water’s temperature.

10. And there are lamps inside of stumps.

11. There is a calculator that looks like a piano.

12. And there are shoes that glow brightly when their photo is taken with a flash.

13. There are earrings that look like there’s a tiny face on your ear.

14. And there are these pizza floats so you can have the best pizza party in the world.

15. There is this night light that fills your walls with constellations.

16. There is a table that looks like the Mariana Trench.

17. And there is this holographic neon lamp.

If you have any other photos that look like they’re straight out of the 30th century, please share them in the comments below.

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