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17 Customer Reviews Showing That Online Stores Are the Best

Online stores are an integral part of our lives today, and we can find everything we want there. But we can also go there to read customer reviews and have some fun.

Bright Side gathered some witty feedback about products from online stores and invites you to laugh at them with us.

17. Nike sneakers

16. Calculator watch

15. Selfie stick

14. American flag shirt

13. The product remains unknown, but the customer's patience is everything.

12. Sports bag

11. Women's harness

10. Swiss Army Knife

9. Fitness tracker

8. Nexus wireless mouse

7. Nike Air Foamposite sneakers

6. BIC pen

5. Blender

4. Manicure lamp

3. Soup

2. Samsung TV

1. Wax strips

And have you ever left any funny feedback? Share in the comments!

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