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17 Customers Who Risked Placing a Blind Order and Failed Dramatically

We think that most people have tried ordering something online at least once. And almost every purchase like that is a lottery: will they send exactly what they promised instead of tiny boots or a bear with a scary jaw? But even in the offline world, there are differences between expectations and reality. For example, the promisse of a church view through a window.

Bright Side has found photos of really bad buys that left the new owners with a lot of questions.

Winnie the Pooh face mask

Protein bar seems a little lacking.

Who needs anything besides the letter “L”?

“I’m never ordering online again...”

“Tried to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Put this in the special requirements and they printed it on the box!”

Includes a “private balcony.” It’s just a view of the wall of the next building.

When working with flowers is not something you should do in life:

“My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail...”

“I mean expectations for these are never high, but... oh man.”

The description said, “Views of the main church from the bedroom window.” Technically it was not a lie.

This guy could star in “Jaws.”

Airport food can surprise you, and not just with the prices.

“When it seems too good to be true... It usually is.”

“Yep. Definitely the advertised product.”

Always ask about the size of things you order.

The packaging looked so promising!

“Are you sure you’re a barber?”

Have you ever received something that was totally different from what you ordered? Tell us in the comment section below!

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