17 Design Fails That Revealed Brand New Beauty Standards

Scientists from Liverpool University claim that shop dummies set unrealistic standards of beauty for girls. They often lead to eating disorders and low self-esteem. However, marketers have crossed this already thin line trying to get customers' attention. Some of them did it on purpose and some did it accidentally. As a result, users started sharing these crazy creations that they would come across in shops.

Bright Side offers you to take a look at some of these not-so-great works of store-front designers. We are warning you: you might end up laughing hysterically, so be careful!

17. He found his soulmate.

16. Is the underwear that uncomfortable?

15. She doesn't look happy. Well, why would she?

14. Another unrealistic standard set by society for women.

13. How are women supposed to look like this?

12. XOXO

11. Nice outfit!

10. Try pulling this off...

9. Isn't the jacket too fancy for a dog?

8. This eye...

7. These eyes...

6. What are they trying to see?

5. A literal pinhead

4. Is it even possible to walk on these?

3. Are they implying something?

2. Really? Why?

1. Isn't it more like, "Ironic hairdryer"?

Have you ever seen any really funny dummies in a store? Share your pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit JimKid / imgur, Iamactuallyacat
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