17 Extraordinary Scientific Facts That Seem Too Crazy to Be True

Who said that science is boring? Scientists have recently found out that coconut water can be administered intravenously, and the Mona Lisa actually used to have eyebrows. This world will never stop surprising us — take a look for yourself!

Bright Side wants to show you a list of new scientific facts which may seem more like a sci-fi movie description at first.

  • The coldest place in the Universe is on Earth. Scientists from Finland managed to freeze atoms using a laser. This allowed them to reach a temperature that is insanely close to the absolute zero.
  • If we could get rid of the empty space in atoms, all of humanity would fit in an apple.
  • The chemical compound that makes a raspberry taste the way it does is abundant across the entire universe. If you could taste the universe, it would taste like raspberry.

  • One of the most slippery substances in the world is the lubricant in your knees.
  • The biggest living organism in the world is Armillaria ostoyae which grows in Malheur (Oregon, U.S.) Its size is more than 2,174 acres and its age is around 2,400 years.
  • A squid's brain looks like a bagel. It's all because of the way its digestive system is designed: the food should go through the brain because of the nature of a squid's body. A "bagel" helps to keep the brain intact when a squid swallows big chunks of food.
  • A flea accelerates faster than a space shuttle. Its jumps are 3,14 inches per millisecond. A flea's acceleration is 50 times faster than that of a spaceship.
  • Human lungs have the same surface area as a tennis court.
  • Men have a genetic predisposition to having a boy or a girl. Men who have many sisters have girls more often and vice versa.
  • Archerfish can recognize people's faces according to researchers from Oxford University. Their accuracy is more than 80%.

  • The height of The Eiffel Tower changes depending on the weather: in summer, when it's hot, it can increase by 5.9 in. The metal actually expands when it's hot, which is why the Eiffel Tower becomes bigger in hot weather.
  • The noise in empty channels is the trace of the Big Bang. It started with an explosion of light which expanded in all directions. The noise is part of that explosion. So, even now we can still hear traces of the birth of the universe.
  • The Thai fish called, Cryptotora thamicola can climb rocks. This is the only fish that can walk. It has a developed pelvis and it uses its flippers like reptiles use their limbs.
  • An art specialist named, Pascal Cotte researched The Mona Lisa using special equipment and found out that she used to have eyebrows. It's just that they disappeared over time so we can no longer see them. Additionally, the initial Mona Lisa's face was much wider and the sky was more blue.
  • Close male friendship among chimpanzees helps to decrease their stress level during conflicts. Scientists learned that fights are less dramatic if a chimpanzee fights alongside a friend.
  • The brain needs as much energy as a 10-watt light bulb. And it doesn't matter if you are asleep or awake.
  • Frequent consumption of coffee leads to a decrease in breast size. 3 cups of coffee a day can cause your breasts to become smaller especially if they were big in the first place. This is because caffeine burns fat. And as you probably know, breasts mostly consist of adipose tissue.

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