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17 Families Who’ll Never Forget This Christmas Thanks to the Crazy Gifts They Got for Each Other

Year after year Reddit users continue to prove that even the most ordinary things can become great gifts if you and your relatives have a good imagination and sense of humor. Next year, when you’re trying to surprise your family members with something special, try a couple of ideas from our article. An unforgettable holiday is guaranteed.

We love giving and receiving presents here at Bright Side, and we’ve picked these 17 crazy gifts for you that rocked the family Christmas parties of Reddit users this year.

1. “My 6 year old got tattoo markers for Christmas and disappeared for half an hour. Bonus: We can’t get it to come off.”

2. “My uncle has sent me the same thing for X-Mas every year since I was a kid, and I laugh every single time.”

3. “My brother asked me to make him a Christmas card.”

4. “Bought my dad a Lego Porsche this Christmas, he’s been busy building ever since.”

5. “My mom surprised me with this for Christmas. Completely handmade.”

6. “I was in charge of wrapping presents this year.”

7. “I surprised my girlfriend with Elton John tickets for Christmas, but wrapped them in a box so she wouldn’t figure it out.”

8. “My mom received a new bike for Christmas and I think she momentarily returned to being 10 years old.”

9. “Told my family not to get me anything, so they put this on my present.”

10. “My husband turned an old clothing steamer into the perfect Christmas gift for our Luigi-obsessed 3-year-old.”

11. “My grandparents got me this shirt for Christmas.”

12. “My aunt painted this rock for my brother’s Christmas gift.”

13. “My daughter always steals printer paper to draw on, so for Christmas I wrapped a pack of 500 pages of paper. She was running around screaming with excitement.”

14. “My Christmas present to my mother in law. It looks like her dog. I used all donated scrap fabric.”

15. “My parents are retiring and want to travel full time. My brother sent them this suitcase for Christmas.”

16. “For Christmas I got my sister a fake ID for her cat.”

17. “My sister learned a valuable lesson: If you let your older brother take an ugly picture of you, you’ll get it on a custom mug as a gag gift.”

What was the craziest Christmas gift you’ve ever received or presented to someone? Let’s share our Christmas memories in the comments!

Preview photo credit Alomba87 / Reddit