17 Hilarious Snapchats Proving That Museums Are Actually Fun

We can love or hate social media, but we can't deny that it sometimes delivers a lot of laughs and inspiration to our lives. Besides, it reminds us how amazing our minds are at finding a new angle on something, making it absolutely hilarious for everyone.

Bright Side found the funniest museum Snapchats that helped bring art back to life. Would you be able to come up with a funnier Snapchat for any of the paintings below?

17. To all grammar sticklers:

16. Like, hello, you may buy us a drink or 2!

15. Every New Year's Eve be like:

14. It's so boring in this museum that even the paintings start to dance.

13. Maybe that's where Beyoncé got her inspiration?!

12. 2 hours into a nice lunch with your family at a restaurant:

11. And millions do!

10. Every hiking group has this girl!

9. Did you say free food?

8. And it happens every week!

7. Get your crazy on for World Cup 2018!

6. When you fall asleep at the beach:

5. Express your sassy self!

4. Don't just say it, proclaim it!

3. When your mom tells you no pocket money until you clean your room:

2. I was just born with this fast metabolism.

1. And that's how we learned that ramen noodles are one of the oldest foods on Earth!

Which one did you like the most? Do you like using Snapchat? Share your own Snapchats in the comments below.

Preview photo credit arthistorycaps/Instagram, mhoa/Imgur
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