14 Illusions That Open a Portal to Another World

Our brain is an extremely complicated thing. However, it is very easy to fool it. For example, illusions can trick our brain’s defense system and show us things that don’t exist in real life. And we don’t even notice it.

Bright Side collected 14 illusions that can trick your eyes and leave you in doubt.

Move your head left and right.

This Christmas decoration looks like 2 tyrannosaurs were fighting for a circular saw.

Drone footage from Ireland. It seems the world turned upside down.

Shake your head or device left and right.

What did you see first: shadows of people or simple pillars? In fact, this is an image on a wall.

This is the floor of the lobby in an ordinary office.

When I was covering the floor with carpet, I forgot about the staircase.

McDonald’s published this picture with a hidden message. Try to unfocus your vision to read it.

I bought a carpet and got a portal into another universe.

Do you also see the black dots between the keys?

In fact, these blue lines are parallel to each other.

Now try to blink really quickly.

A color you have never seen

Look at the picture (preferably in complete darkness). Focus your eyesight on the white dot in the middle. You’ll soon notice that the red circle is very red and that there is a ring around it. When this happens, look at the darkest point in your surroundings.


People with a high level of attentiveness can notice 2 images here in less than 10 seconds. What are your results? Share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit opticalillusionsportal.com
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