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17 Inventions That Are Meant to Make Our Lives Comfortable (Warning: You May Want to Get Them Right Away)

Thousands of new inventions appear daily. The key is to keep an eye out for the availability of the things you’ve been dreaming about! Whether it’s an eco water bottle, a way to feed your pets while you’re away, or a fitness tracker disguised as a necklace, your dream item is much more realistic than you may think!

Bright Side collected useful inventions that not everyone knows about.

1. Eco bottle

These bright and convenient bottles can improve anyone’s mood instantly. You can see a BPA-free sign on them (see the photo to the right.) It means that bisphenol A, a dangerous component, wasn’t used while producing these bottles. This component harms the functioning of endocrine glands and the reproductive system, damages the intrauterine development of a child, and causes oncology, diabetes, excess weight, and cardiac arrhythmia.

Now you will always have the opportunity to quench your thirst without harming your health. All you need to do is choose the color you like!

2. Feeder and camera: 2-in-1

This is a real find for those who want to catch a rare and unusual photo but don’t have the opportunity to set up expensive equipment and wait for the right moment for hours. The Bird Photo Booth device was invented by photographer Bryson Lovett to take care of birds and take stunning photos at the same time. All you need to do is to set up a camera, pour some feed for birds and squirrels, and get ready to enjoy beautiful photos of nature.

3. Fitness tracker jewelry

The Bellabeat company created a gadget called Leaf Nature for women to keep track of activity without attracting the attention of people around. This elegant item can be used as a clip on a top, as a pendant, and as a bracelet that will suit any business or evening attire.

Those people who are unaware of what it is will never guess that this decoration is a smart tracker that is able to count steps, monitor burnt calories, check the level of stress, and track the menstrual cycle. The battery works for 6 months.

4. “Amber” lamp for healthy sleep

This LED light bulb provides healthy sleep. Its mild light helps the body produce melatonin, unlike bright daylight lamps. It’s a kind of imitation of a sunset. Research has shown that people who used this lamp before going to bed slept better at night and felt more active in the morning.

5. Pet feeder controlled from a distance

We all want our pets to be healthy and happy, but work, errands, and business trips don’t always let us check and control the amount of food in our pets’ bowls. This gadget will let you feed your pets with the help of your smartphone. Just download the app and follow the instructions!

6. A set for growing organic plants for making aroma tea

This set for growing aroma herbs is an ingenious present for those who like tea. It consists of soil, pots, labels, and seeds of different plants — mint, catnip, Melissa, and chamomile. By the way, all of the seeds are certified so that you can be sure that you are growing ingredients of perfect quality.

Other kits are also available including ones for growing thyme, basil, cilantro, parsley, and sage.

7. A thermogel pillow and bedsheet

We keep waiting for summer but once it arrives we start complaining about hot nights. This pillow and bedsheet provide instant cooling like a magic wand. The special gel inside dissolves the warmth from your head and body and you’ll instantly feel the coolness. To make it even more comfortable, you can put them under your usual sheets.

8. Electrical corkscrew

This corkscrew will easily help you open a bottle of wine within seconds without applying too much effort. A stylish gadget is controlled by 2 buttons; if you are having a big feast, one charging of the battery will be enough to open 40 bottles. The set has a special knife for cutting the film.

9. A silicon form for sweet ice and desserts

A unique and interesting pattern can turn any dessert into a work of art! You can make fruit ice of different colors and serve it as a colorful freshening “bouquet” to your guests. Other sweet dishes like jelly and pannacotta will also look impressive.

10. Gadget for comfortable flights

We always want to relax and place our head on someone’s shoulder during flights, especially long ones. But, unfortunately, we don’t always have this opportunity. Luckily, this simple gadget called B-tourist will help you feel more comfortable. You’ll protect yourself from other people’s stares and will be able to sleep comfortably, as well.

11. Magnetic balls for washing clothes and dishes

You’ll be surprised but this small thing can solve many issues. This magnetic ball neutralizes the hardness of salts, protects your washing machine from scum, and saves detergent. Moreover, it makes washing more ecological because it helps rinse clothes better. Better rinsing will protect you from phosphates contained by many detergents since they get absorbed through your pores if they get on your skin and they can weaken the immune system.

12. Table vacuum cleaner

If you like clean tables but you are tired of sponges and rags, then you’ll definitely like this ladybug. This table vacuum cleaner can turn any cleaning process into a game. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your kids suddenly offer to help you clean up after meals!

13. A bed organizer

Sometimes it’s such a nice feeling to lie in bed, especially after a long day at work. And in order not to stand up every time searching for one thing or another, simply put all these things into the organizer. Make sure to put a pack of your favorite candy in it too!

14. A stylish bottle with adjustable size

Sometimes we need big bottles and other times we need small ones. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you don’t have to buy both of them. A special drinking bottle that is able to easily expand in size has been created for such cases. Now it’s up to you to decide how much water you want to have in your bottle.

15. Silicon glasses

Those who have ever had guests drink wine know what it feels like to constantly worry about broken glass and difficult stains. Luckily, these silicon glasses are there to make you forget about your fears. Simply enjoy your pleasant evenings and delicious wine!

16. Controllable aroma lamp nebulizer

No, this is not Alladin’s magic lamp but a magical atmosphere is still guaranteed! This miniature nebulizer is suitable for adults and even babies. It has 3 modes, a timer, and an illumination setting of 7 colors.

You can place the aroma lamp either in your or your kid’s bedroom to guarantee a peaceful night or in the living room to eliminate bad smells and bacteria.

17. A personal robot carrier

People are prone to carrying more things than they actually need. And even if you pack your suitcase perfectly and don’t take anything extra, it can still be quite heavy. But inventors did their best to take care of your needs!

Robot suitcase GITA will follow you to the edge of the world with your personal belongings. It can carry up to 45 lb of things (like a big backpack) and thanks to built-in sensors, it moves at the same pace as you do.

Which of these inventions would you buy right now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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