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17 Life Hacks from People with No Money but Huge Brains

The words “hack” and “DIY” are gaining much popularity these days. Saving money has become a huge trend, and, as most trends do, it sometimes gets out of control. “Why?” you ask. “We have reasons,” answer the guys below.

We at Bright Side have put together 17 life hacks, for which you need not shell out much money.

1. When you are adamant about not buying a new pair:

And your creativity with pens should win you an award.

2. Killing 2 birds with one stone?

While you sip your tea, simultaneously use a hot pan for ironing your shirt. Energy-saving mode!

3. What a playful hack!

So the game is to toss the pasta without dropping one?

4. When being broke teaches you to mend all broken things:

Not the lost time though!

5. This guy took it as a challenge to eat and cook with the same cutlery.

And he saved himself from washing some utensils too.

6. We all did this at least once in college.

Could you ever figure out why noodles taste better when made this way?

7. Dare to gear?

His anti-theft system is customized — as per his budget, of course!

8. Call it an engineer’s hack.

Don’t try this at home if you don’t want to end up with broken furniture.

9. When the microwave is out of order or...well...out of budget:

Such people will have to start taking hack sessions soon.

10. You lit my spirits.

And it is indeed looking so good!

11. What better use of a pizza box?

Especially during emergency cleanings!

12. Being broke makes you smarter for sure.

What other option do you have?

13. When your hands can’t hold pens and chopsticks together:

Is he planning to create a record by writing with these unique chopsticks?

14. Inventions happen when you go totally broke.

And when you badly need to shave!

15. Who is more broke? You or the sofa?

By the way, who is going to get the opportunity to sit here?

16. For the “no spill” experience:

We wonder if we can also make use of that pair with one lost shoe...

17. This should be an experience in itself.

It might give you the feel of mineral water from mountains right onto your head!

Life is already hard, so why make it harder by worrying about the little things in your daily routine? Do you have more life hacks to share? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments below.

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